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Cannabis Soda – How to Find the Best Infused Soda

Cannabis Soda

Cannabis sodas are delicious! That’s why they should be considered as part of the beverages you serve for any party. Before you turn to alcohol just because it’s familiar, swap the cocktails for a different kind of drink. Cannabis soda is a great option for setting the mood and getting everyone enjoying themselves at your party especially in the summer. Next time you stock up for your next gathering under the sun, consider these details to help you find the perfect party beverage.

Why Serve Cannabis Soda?

  • No odor – Guests can indulge and enjoy the THC content without anyone else knowing.
  • Easy to share – Each can contains a low dose of THC, allowing each guest to tailor their experience.
  • Healthy options – Avoid the health risks that come from alcohol consumption, not to mention the hangover.
  • Hydrating for hot summer days – Doesn’t create the dehydrating effect that comes from alcohol.
  • Set the vibe Relaxing and calming cannabis soda creates the perfect mood for a laid-back social event.
  • Great for all occasions – Pairs well with everything from backyard barbecues to gatherings at the beach.
  • Public Consumption – Alcohol can not be consumed in public in most States.

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Choose a Stackable Dose

Start with a cannabis soda with a relatively low dose of THC per can. Since your guests may include individuals who have a low tolerance or who have never tried a cannabis product, you’ll want to give them a good experience. It’s easy to keep sipping on tasty carbonated drinks and forget to keep track of the exact amount you’ve drank. Low-dose drinks like Find Wunder work great for this purpose. It’s available in both 5 mg and 10 mg dosages to ensure you’re offering your guests plenty of options.

Look for Flavor Variety

Not everyone has the same tastes, especially in party drinks. Serve the entire crowd with a brand of cannabis sodas that provides a variety of different flavors. While most sodas are based around fruit flavors, many cannabis-infused soda products go the extra mile to add unique flavor elements like herbs and spices. The Find Wunder lineup is a great example because it includes exciting flavor options like Blood Orange Bitters, Watermelon Basil, and Blackberry Lemon. Each party guest can sample all of the flavors you choose without worrying about getting a higher dose of THC than they want.

Go with a Low Sugar Drink

If you’re already considering alternatives to alcohol for health reasons, you don’t want to introduce a bunch of extra sugar into your diet along the way. Cannabis soda is usually fairly sweet, but products like Find Wunder manage to offer the taste you want without excessive sugar levels. There’s no need to settle for artificial sweeteners, either. Most of the flavors have as little as 3 mg of sugar per serving. That makes them safe to enjoy for a wide range of party guests who might be sensitive to sugar as well. It also helps control the calorie count of these drinks for those watching their waistlines.

Stick to Cans for Easy Serving

A summer gathering should offer carefree fun for the host as well as the guests. Instead of worrying about your favorite glasses or dealing with the mess of plastic cups, stick to cannabis sodas that come in cans. Aluminum cans are environmentally friendly because they’re easily recycled over and over again to minimize the need for new materials. Set up a recycling bin for the empty cans and let your guests handle the rest. Just set up an ice bucket or cooler to keep the cannabis drinks cool so they offer the most refreshing sip during the summer heat.

Separate Cannabis and Non-Cannabis Sodas

It’s a good idea to stock plenty of non-intoxicating drinks on hand so guests don’t have to consume THC when slaking their thirst. If you’re going to offer non-cannabis sodas and other drinks alongside cans of Find Wunder, make sure you’re storing them separately and making it clear which drinks are which. Each can is labeled with the THC content along with the flavor, but it’s best to put up signs so guests know what they’re grabbing before they start sipping.

Find Wunder is the ideal drink for any parties you might throw this summer. Pop the top in the pool for a real splash, or wash down your favorite grilled treats with our dynamic flavors. Don’t forget the best cannabis soda when you’re putting together your supplies for your next get-together with friends.