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CBD Drinks – Learn Why They Have Become Popular

CBD Drinks

CBD Drinks are growing in popularity. Prescription-grade cannabidiol (CBD) products are used for serious medical benefits like treating seizures and chronic pain. These medically prescribed/approved CBD products need to contain thousands of milligrams (mg) of CBD to be effective. Most consumer products contain 5-20 mg, which is why they are more for recreation. If you’re just looking for some relaxation and fun, CBD drinks are a great choice. This compound derived from hemp or marijuana is mild and easy to dose. You don’t have to worry about getting intoxicated or how long the effects will last when you choose this kind of drink. It’s a great alternative to alcohol if you’re exploring California Sober lifestyles as well. Learning a little more about this ingredient and the drinks that contain it may just convince you to give it a try. Let’s explore CBD drinks so you understand what to expect from a product like Find Wunder.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, so it’s not surprising the shortened form is preferred by most. This substance is found in both hemp and marijuana. It’s the second most abundant active ingredient found in marijuana and usually the most abundant compound in hemp. While it is considered psychoactive because it does have effects on the mind and body, they’re very mild effects. That has led to many people describing it as “non-active.” It’s true that the effects are sometimes hard to notice on their own. However, the right dosage can help you feel something without getting overwhelmed. That’s one of the major benefits of CBD drinks for cautious individuals.

What Are CBD Drinks?

CBD drinks are simply beverages that contain a water-soluble form of CBD extracted from hemp or marijuana. You’ll find drinks that feature only THC and those that combine both substances. Some of these drinks are modeled after cocktails, while others have flavor profiles you’d find in premium sodas. For a drink that tastes great, consider drinks that contain both CBD and THC. You’ll also enjoy a variety of health benefits by making the switch away from alcohol. CBD drinks give you a chance to enjoy a gentle sense of relaxation without having to commit to the intoxication and hangover that comes from drinking a traditional cocktail.

CBD vs. THC Drinks

There are a few major differences between drinks that contain only CBD and those that feature only THC. First, the flavor of the CBD drink is usually milder than any formula containing THC. There’s a slight herbal taste that goes along with THC that isn’t present with most CBD extracts. Second, there are far more noticeable effects from a can of THC drink than a CBD-based product. However, that can work in the favor of the CBD drink if you’re looking for something that won’t intoxicate you too much. Finally, CBD drinks are often legal in places where products containing THC aren’t yet available.

For the best results, consider a drink that combines the best of both worlds. Drinks with both CBD and THC create a truly relaxing and calming effect that stays well-balanced and is perfect for gatherings with friends. With this combo already on your side, there’s no need to add alcohol.

Benefits of CBD Drinks

Thanks to what’s already known about CBD and its positive effects, there’s a lot you can expect from drinks containing it. While some of the benefits aren’t proven yet, you can expect:

  • A fast onsetting buzz that doesn’t take hours to make you feel great, which can happen with other edibles.
  • Reduced pain and a reduction in inflammation with regular use, putting you in a better mood for fun.
  • A mild sense of euphoria or relaxation, especially if you choose a drink that also contains THC.
  • Less intoxication than from THC, providing a grounding effect when combined with it.
  • An easier time falling asleep and staying asleep, even a few hours after you’ve enjoyed a CBD drink.
  • If you’re planning a party or need a relaxing night at home alone, you’ve got a great excuse to try Find Wunder’s CBD drinks.

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CBD Drinks vs. Alcohol

Regular drinkers are often skeptical of the idea that they can truly replace the experience of having a beer or cocktail with another beverage. Yet the mildly calming and relaxing effects of CBD drinks make them the ideal replacement for alcohol. Each time you swap your usual beer for a drink like Find Wunder instead, you can look forward to a number of benefits. Skip the hangover and wake up feeling hydrated and well-rested instead of achy and sick to your stomach. CBD and THC drinks help hydrate you, while alcohol has a dehydrating effect instead. You’ll find that CBD drinks help you stay healthier overall.

If you’re concerned about the calories in beer or the sugar content of pre-mixed cocktails, you’ll enjoy the low-sugar soda options available with CBD in them. They’re lower in calories as well, thanks to the lack of unnecessary sugar. With a fast onsetting buzz, you’ll feel the effects without the long wait that comes with most edibles. That makes it easier to control the exact dosage and get the experience you want as well. No need to forget what happened at the party the night before when you can stay almost sober thanks to the mild effects of CBD. In fact, drinking a few cans of Find Wunder will give you a night of better sleep rather than causing you to toss and turn all night.

How Many Calories Are in Your Drinks?

Dropping alcohol from your lifestyle can help you lose weight because many drinks are surprisingly high in calories. Beer has a lot of carbohydrates from the grains used to brew it, while cocktails and hard seltzers are packed with sugar. That makes it hard for dieters and people with diabetes to indulge in a fun sipping experience. It’s easy to find exactly how many calories are in CBD drinks like Find Wunder. At around just 40 calories a can for most flavors, there’s no need to worry about adding this drink to your diet.

Other Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Life

  • Topicals: You can apply CBD to your skin or hair using CBD topicals like lotions.
  • Tinctures: You can make CBD tinctures and drop them into food and any type of drink. 

Our favorite way is of course to drink it. Explore the full range of CBD and THC products from Find Wunder. You’re sure to find a flavor that piques your interest and gets you considering a new and healthier alternative to alcohol.